Happy was born in Russia.

She was born on 26th of december 2013, and is from a litter of 11 puppies. Her siblings live around the world. Her parents are JCH RU, CH RU, CH LT, CH UA CHARLY von Müllers Grund and CH RU, CH BY, CH MD PROZERPINA iz Bolshogo Doma.

Happy is a very beautiful bitch. She is feminine, well-built, well-angulated and harmonious. She moves like a dream. She is sound sensitive and do therefore no longer participates in dog shows.

Happy is the mother of four litters. Two litters in Kraina Zeusa and two litters in Kennel Champalays.

Happy is loving and affectionate.

Happy is Ursus, Xanadus and Xaviers mother.

For the last two years she has lived with live whit Susan and Torben in Bramming.

Happy has past suddenly and unexpected due to aneurysm close to the heart. Happy became 8.1 years.