The litter The Male Pedigree WeigthHealth

Normal mating & normal birth
Inbreed: 0,0 % (3 generations)

DKK no.SexNameHDEDOCDOther
DK21284/2022MChampalays DON QUIXOTEA/A0/0Free/affected
DK21283/2022MChampalays DUCATI DELUXA/C0/0Free
DK21287/2022FChampalays DANICA ROYALB/A0/0Free
DK21286/2022FChampalays DAISY OF DANEVANGA/A0/0Free/affectedHS B
DK21288/2022FChampalays DARLING OF MAGICA/C0/0Free
DK21285/2022FChampalays DAHLIA OFFSHORE DREAMA/A0/0Free

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