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Zenobia was born on 21st of December 2017 in Kennel Champalays. She is named after Queen Septimia Zenobia of the Palmyrene Empire in Syria. The Queen was tolerant and a cultured monach who forstered an intellectual enviroment at her court, which was open to scholars and philosophers.

Her parents are PL CH MAESTRO Jak z Obrazka and ABBRACCIA LA LUNA from Aberash. Zenobia is a singleton and the only puppy of our Luna, so Zenobia stayed with us.

Zenobia is a very beautiful and feminine bitch. She is harmonious, well-angulated with a good chest, well-applied and well-worn tail. She moves lightly and fluidly.

PL CH MAESTRO Jak z Obrazka


Zenobia participates in dog shows in Denmark and abroad. She does also participates in obedience training and is a therapy dog at Læsehunde and at TrygFonden Besøgshunde.

Læsehunde is where a therapy dog helps children with reading disabilities to gain or regain the joy of reading.  

TrygFondens Besøgshunde is where a therapy dog spreads joy and happiness for citizens with dementia or mental and physical disabilities or for citizens at hospices.