For us, a puppy is not a commodity, but a living creature who become a part of your family for many years. Therefore, we expect that you provide incredibly good care for the puppy.

We set high standards for our buyers, as you probably set for us, and there are series of rules and conditions for both parties, but all this will be agreed later on, if you are buying a puppy from us.

When you buy a puppy from us, you get:
- a Bernese Mountain Dog puppy with a FCI - Danish Kennel Club pedigree and with all the legal danish markings and vaccinations
- support throughout the dog's life

To be allowed to buy a puppy from us, you must be prepared:
- to visit the puppy at least two times before the puppy move home to you (for Danes)
- to have the dog as a part of your family and that the dog lives with the family
- to participate in puppy training (obedience training for puppies) and of course continue with the training if you can

When we do business, we enter a written agreement, which includes that:
- if the dog for any reason HAVE TO switch home, you must contact us and we can in this situations purchase the dog for a symbolic amount
- we recommend that the dog is HD and ED examinated between 12 and 24 months of age and the results are registered in Danish Kennel Club or documented for us.

We follow Danish law on dog breeding.

We breed only puppies with DKK/FCI-pedigrees.