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9/9-17XXIV Molossoid breedes
and Swiss Mountain and
Cattle Dog Club Show, W-wa (PL)
Maria Amelia Taborda (PT)OpenVG
25/6-17NDS, Otterup (DK)Petra Junehall (SE)Open G (weight)
24/6-17NDS, Otterup (DK)Alisa A. Ebnet (US)Open G (weight)
11/6-17IDS, Vejen (DK)Rob Douma (NL)OpenG (weight)
10/6-17IDS, Vejen (DK)Birgit Seloy (DK)OpenVG
30/4-17IDS, Roskilde (DK)Nina Karlsdotter (SE)Open VG
29/4-17IDS, Roskilde (DK)Birgitte Gothen (DK)OpenEX
26/6-16NDS, Otterup (DK)Lisbet Utke Ramsing (DK)OpenVG
25/6-16NDS, Otterup (DK)Zoltan Baffia (HU)Open VG
1/5-16IDS, Roskilde (DK)J. R. Walsh (UK)Open VG
30/4-16IDS, Roskilde (DK)Inge Artsøe (DK)OpenVG