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Litter A

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Litter A The male Weigth Pedigree





PL CH Keep in Touch della Torre d’Ovarda
& Jambalayla Wow z Krainy Zeusa
f. 14.12.2013 (Normal mating & normal birth/caesarean).
Inbreed 0,0 %
DKK no. Sex Name HD ED OCD Other
DK01036/2014 F Champalays Aromatix Cardamom A/E 0/0 Free
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x-ray as 2 years old
DK01035/2014 F Champalays Aromatix Cinnamon        
DK01033/2014 F Champalays Aromatix Clove        
DK01034/2014 F Champalays Aromatix Ginger       AOD
DK01032/2014 M Champalays Aromatix Nutmeg A/A 0/0 NN x-ray as 2 years old