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Chopin is born on a leap day, February 29 2008, and named after a star in the constellation Leo. Chopin has some of the best genetic lines within Bernese Mountain Dog breeding in Europe. His ancestors come from, among others, France, Britain, Poland and Denmark.

He comes from a litter of 8 puppies where the mother is a beautiful bitch, Polish champion, Astra, and the father is international champion Equo. Both dogs have previously hat healthy offspring, which is also the case with Chopin's litter.

Chopin is a very strong well-proportioned dog with the most beautiful Bernese Mountain Dog head and a great mind. He is friendly, intelligent, easy to learn and very loving. He is a dream of a Bernese Mountain Dog that we are incredibly proud of.

We have participated in dog training both at the Bernepladsen and at DCH Risskov since Chopin was 9 -10 weeks old, in the autumn of 2010 we took a break because we hat moved,
but we are started again at  DCH Kaløvig.

We exhibit also Chopin, where he is doing well. Again, our participation in exhibitions slightly during the autumn of 2010 due the moving, but we are started again in 2011.

Chopin has been mental described in an UHM, where his performance is very close to the desired profile. The result can be seen at
DKK Hundeweb.




Monday 19th August 2013, at 17:15 our beloved Chopin  walked over the rainbow bridge. After 4 days of illness, we lost him to cancer.

He became 5 ½ years.

He passed peacefully away at home in my arms. He was surrounded by his family and the other dogs. He was not afraid.

He left a enormous hole in our lives. The grief is unbearable - it hurts so much!

Chopin was my dog. My great love, pride and joy. My sunshine. He was a big, handsome male with the most amazing well shaped bernese head and the most wonderful mind. Always happy and loving. He found great pleasure in working with me and in the dog training.

Even though we only had him in such a short time, we are enormously thankful that this wonderful creature has enriched our lives - many thanks to Agnieszka og Jarek for him. We cherish every moment!

Goodbye our beloved and wonderful dog.



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