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Szczęśliwy Słon
vel. Genia


About Genia:

Genia is born on Maj 30. 2012. She is named after the world's most famous beer - Guinness, however, spelled her name with only one "n", because she's not a beer. Her nickname is Genia, short for Eugenia originating from Greek and means "comes from a good family."

She comes from a litter of four where both mother and father, Herta and Henri, is highly awarded and very beautiful. Geniaís siblings are living in Ukraine and Poland.

We've been waiting for a puppy from this combination for 2 years, characterized by beauty, health, resilience and a good temperament. Genia is beautifully built with robust limbs and body, and she has a beautiful and well-formed head. Additionally, she is happy, playful and not afraid of anything.

She come from kennel Szczęśliwy Słon, which is one of the top Polish kennels. Thank you to Robert and Barbara, and Patricia that we may have her.

Genia will attend obedience and show training.