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In spring 2008 got our long awaited Bernese Mountain Dog form Warsaw in Poland. We wanted a Bernese Mountain Dog for many years, but time was never right in relation to children, education and housing situation. But now it was time.

We had ​​established contact with a highly acknowledged and ambitious kennel Astrum Felix, who just had a litter of puppies after their bitch Astra. There were 8 puppies - 6 females and 2 males, and one of the male was for us. His name is Chort Astrum Felix, but we call him the Chopin, named after the Polish composer - Frederik Chopen. 

We started at puppy training at the Bernerpladsen, when Chopin was 9-10 weeks old and we lost completely our heart to this fantastic race and everything that follows like training and exhibitions. Anne has also been a member of the Board in the Bernese Mountain Dog Jylland Department.

In summer 2009 we got a Bernese Mountain Dog girl from an another, world recognized Polish kennel - Kraina Zeusa. Jambalayla Wow because she is WOW, and Yes! she is. We hope she becomes the ancestress of our kennel. 

We love large Bernese Mountain Dog, strong powerfully built whit harmonious body’s, beautiful heads and with a fantastic temperament. We want to contribute too a healthy breeding of Bernese Mountain Dog.