22. january 2017:


Maestro and Urania had today their debut at DBSK national show in Nyborg.

They did it both really well. We are very proud.


Maestro is 10 months and started in the Junior class. He got a very nice critique and a Very Good.


Urania 9 months and started also in the Junior class. Urania is in adulthood and received a Good.



Click for pictures


17. january 2017:


Today, it is Madadame's brithday! She becomes 4 years.


Congratulations to Madame de Pompadour z Krainy Zeusa and her siblings!!! 



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14. december  2016:


Today is Kennel Champalays Aromatix-litter 3th birthday!! Congtatulations to Coco, Luna, Tazy and Wilma!! 




9. december 2016:




2-3. october 2016:


Henrik has completed DKK breeder education.



18. july 2016:


Luna, Madame og Maestro have been on holiday in Polen with us.




6. july 2016:


Today it is Luna's 4th birthday!!! Congratulations to Luna and her siblings!


Congratulations to Abbraccia La Luna from Aberash!!! 




25. and 26. june 2016


DBSK club show in Otterup, Hasmark Strand.


We were at Club Show with Urania, Maestro, Luna and Madame. Luna and Madame was shown Saturday and Sunday, they got Very Good both days.


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30. may 2016


Welcome to Maestro Jak z Obrazka!! We are very excited that Maestro lives with us. Thanks to Aga and Andrzej Sętkowski.



Click for more pictures


29. may 2016


Welcome to Uraina Perła Nieporętu!! We are very proud and happy that Urania stays with us. Thanks to Magdalena Jabłczyńska.



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5. may 2016:


Today the old Jutland-group held an unofficial dog show in Sabro.

The weather was fantastic and the support was too.

There were 50 berneses signed up for the show!! The judge was Tenna Bihlet Dahl.

Lise exhibited Indy and Lakka, and was ranked respectively second best puppy and second best bitch!!!

The surplus is donated to cancer research at KU Sund (Danish Agricultural University).

It was a wonderful day!! Thank you for this year and we'll see you next year.


Lise and Indy (owner: Bodil Raskmark) VP 2


Lise and Lakka (owner: Inge Bibby) EX 2 CK BIS 2
Anne and Madame VG

Click for more pictures


30. april & 1. may 2016:


Madame has been on her first dogshow - double international show in Roskilde.
Madame has received two Very good locations and is
now approved for breeding.


Saturday 30th of April 2016



Saturday afternoon we went to Birkerød to visit Wilma and the Rasmussen family.




Thank you very much for a lovely afternoon and evening. Thanks for your hospitality.


Sunday 1th of May 2016



24. april 2016:


Today it is Jamba's 7th birthday!!! Congratulations to Jamba and her siblings!


Congratulations to Jambalayla Wow z Krainy Zeusa!!! 




12. april 2016:


Today it is Dudek's 3nd birthday!!! Congratulations to Dudek and his siblings!

Congratulations to Dr. Dolittle z Krainy Zeusa!!! 



17. january 2016:


Today, it is Madadame's brithday! She becomes 3 years.


Congratulations to Madame de Pompadour z Krainy Zeusa!!! 




19. december 2015:


Kennel Champalays wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2016!



14. december  2015:


Today it is Coco, Karla, Luna, Tazy and Wilma 2th birthday!! Congtatulations to Kennel Champalays Aromatix-litter!




And we celebrated Coco!!




29. july 2015:


This summer we have been visited by the puppies. Wilma, Karla and Tazy have been visiting Kennel Champalys, while their families have been in Portugal, Italy and Spain. We expect that Luna will visit us in the autumn.




6. july 2015:


Today it is Abbraccia La Luna from Aberash 3nd birthday!!! Congratulations to Luna and her siblings!




24. april 2015:


Today it is Jambalayla Wow z  Krainy Zeusa 6nd birthday!!! Congratulations to Jamba and her siblings!




12. april 2015:


Today it is Dr. Dolittle z Krainy Zeusa 3nd birthday!!! Congratulations to Dudek and his siblings!




17. january 2015:


Today it is Madame de Pompadour z Krainy Zeusa 2nd birthday!!! Congratulations to Madame and her siblings!




31. december 2014:


Kennel Champalays wish you all a Happy New Year 2015!


24. december 2014:


Kennel Champalays wish everyone a Merry Christmas!




14. december 2014:


Today it is the Aromatic-litter 1th birthday!!! Congratulations to Coco, Karla, Luna, Tazy and Wilma!!!




2. october 2014:


Thanks to you all for all the greetings on the occasion of my birthday! Here is a small selection:




28. september 2014:


Luna (Champalays Aromatix Cardamom) has been visiting the Kennel Champalays while her family was on vacation. It was really great to see Luan again. The two sisters enjoyed themselves very much and mother Jamba taught Luna a thing or two. Now we look forward to the next time that Mette and Kurt are going on vacation.




6. july 2014:

Today it is Luna's birthdag and she turns 2 years! Congratulations to Luna!



Click for more pictures


21 & 22. june 2014:


Double international exhibition of Vejen:


Coco's first exhibition: Very promising and 2nd place in puppy class
Luna's second exhibition: Very good
in intermediate class
Coco's second exhibition: Promising in
puppy class
Luna's third exhibition: Excellent
in intermediate class


We are proud of our girls and had a super nice weekend with good friends and we got a visit from Luna, Mette and Kurt, who brought the most amazing cake!




29. may 2014:


Puppy reunion for Aromatix-litter!!


We gathered the whole Aromati-litter in a spring puppy reunion. We started at the training facility at Feldballe Hundepension, when the puppies got tired we went home and had lunch.


The whole litter are developing incredibly nice! Despite the age, they all have good proportions and a good building. They are all smart, happy and full of spirit! We are so proud of the whole litter and their families!! Fantastic!!!




18. may 2014:


Luna has partipated in her 1th show. She started in intermediate class and got a Very Good and 4th place in her class! Congratulations to Luna and Lise, who hat exhibited Luna.





3. may 2014:


We visited baby-Luna in Esbjerg.




24. april 2014:


Today it is Jamba's birthdag! 5 years! Congratulations to Jamba!!



22. april 2014:


Ours lovely dogs.




12-20. april 2014:


Ester holiday in Poland.



12. april 2014:


Today it is Dudek's birthdag and he turns 2 years! Congratulations to Dudek!!




5. april 2014:


We visited Wilma in Birkerød.




22. february 2014:


All the puppies have left Kennel Champlays now, so little Coco plays whit the big dogs now. All the puppies are doing great in their new home.




15. february 2014:


The puppies are 9 weeks!




14. february 2014:



13. february 2014:


Karla (Champalays Aromatix Ginger) visited Kennel Champalays.

She is brave, clever and playful and always in good spirits!

She's really settled in with his new family, where she feel really well. They are truly an amazing family!

We love her so much and are so proud of her!




9. february 2014:


3 of the puppies went home to their families yesterday! It's really hard, but at the same time we know they will have a great life with their families.

The joy we see in families' eyes is amazing and makes it hard to be sad!

Fortunately, we still Luna (Champlays Aromatix Cardamom) another week and our own Coco (Champlays Aromatix Cardamom).

The two puppies have great joy from each other, now that they are "alone".




8. february 2014:


The puppies are 7 weeks! Pictures of each puppy can be seen under the litter.



1. february 2014:


The puppies are 7 weeks!! It goes so fast! I begin prepare myself to on Saturday when they travel home to their wonderful families! I know I'm going to cry! But it's such a beautiful families that there is nothing to be sorry for!


Karla aka Champalays Aromatix Ginger will be staying whit Asta, Iben, Jane and Preben in Brabrand,
Luna aka Champalays Aromatix Cardamom will be staying whit Pernille, Mette and Kurt in Esbjerg,
Wilma aka Champalays Aromatix Cinnamon will be staying whit Mikkel, Emil, Jannie and Søren in Birkerød,
Tazy aka Champalays Aromatix Nutmeg will be staying whit Mikkel, Linda and Michael in Greve
and Champalays Aromatix Clove stays in Kennel Chamamlays.


Today the puppies in the bath and was blowed, and got pictures taken, as usual, it was Asta, who took the pictures. Pictures of each puppy can be seen under the litter.


Here are pictures of the puppies at the vet.




25. january 2014:


Today the puppies are 6 weeks! They are all over the house, they are in the living room during the day and sleep with us in the bedroom at night. They still get a sip of mother Jamba, and they have 3 fantastic aunts and a big brother to play with them and look after them.

They've both got chicken and fish in their food and cooked beef bones. Here are a few pictures of the puppies. Pictures of each puppy can be seen under the litter.




18. january 2014:


Today the puppies are 5 weeks! They thrive all very well and have all found super nice families! Pictures of each puppy can be seen under the litter.


17. january 2014:


Today, it is Madi's brithday! She becomes 1 year.


Congratulations to Madame Butterfly z Krainy Zeusa!!! 




And some pictures of the puppies.




11. january 2014:


It goes well with the small puppies, which is now quite large. They are walking around on the living room floor and are started to play. They get puppy food 3 times a day and the rest by Jamba. They've got teeth so Jamba do not enjoin breastfeed anymore.


Here are a few pictures of the puppies and pictures of each puppy can be seen under the litter.




5.  january 2014:


The puppies are moved into the room and started to eat puppy food. They eat really well!




4.  january 2014:


Today the puppies are 3 weeks!

They have got their names:

Champalays Aromatix Cardamom
Champalays Aromati
x Cinnamon
Champalays Aromati
x Clove
Champalays Aromati
x Ginger
Champalays Aromatix Nutmeg

Therefore is this litter an A-litter. See pictures of the puppies under the litter.



31. december 2013:


All the puppies have opened their eyes; they walk around in the whelping box and looking at us. Otherwise they use most hours of the day to eat and sleep! They are large, round and thick.

Here a few pictures from the whelping box




We wish you all a Happy New Year and a lovely evening - take good care of yourselves and each other!



28. december 2013:


Today the puppies are 2 weeks. They thrive and grow. 2 of them have already opened their eyes and the other 3 are almost! Jamba nurture and care for them for the gold medal. They have started to walk - much unsecured, but they walk.


Line, the vet, has visited us to check on Jamba and puppies. She said that Jamba looks great and the puppies are big and fine. We could not be more proud!  


See pictures of the puppies under the litter..


25. december 2013:


A few pictures form the whelping box!




22. december 2013:



21. december 2013:


Today the puppies are 1 week old! They thrive and have almost doubled their birth weight. Jamba is such a good mother. She washes and feed in indefinitely. We enjoy the puppies to the full, they are just so lovely! See pictures of the puppies under the litter..





14. december 2013:


We have puppies!


Today, Jamba got 6 puppies. The birth started yesterday at 16 o'clock. The first puppy, Jamba gave birth naturally today at 16 o'clock. It was a girl, but unfortunately stillborn. Then the birth stops. The vet came and gave Jamba some labor stimulating drugs, but it did not seem to be help. So we drove to the vet in Randers. On the way there Jamba gave birth to even a puppy, a girl, who was in highest degree alive. After the veterinarian's advice, Jamba got a caesarean to ensure the unborn puppies survival. There were was additional 4 puppies - 3 girls and a boy. See more under the litter.   


We owe a big thanks to Inge Bibby (Kennel Fenstholt), who was here during labor and to Pia Larsen (Lady Xiera), who assisted over the phone, as her own bitch also was in labor





13. decemer 2013:

Today we have been to the vet and get Jamba x-rayed.
There are 6 puppies and maybe even more!



9. december 2013:


Today it Jamba’s 54 day of pregnancy. Jamba is doing well, she is great, hungry and happy.


We have been to the vet to day, all seems to go well. We will get a x-ray on fridag.


The puppybox and all the accessories are ready, so now the puppies are wellcome.




24. november 2013:


Kennel Champalays is proud to announce that we are expecting puppies in mid-December 2013.

The litter is a combination of
PL CH KEEP IN TOUCH della Torre d’Ovarda and JAMBALAYLA WOW z Krainy Zeusa.

For more information, please look under ”Litter ?”.


21. oktober 2013:


Kennel Champalays is proud to present our newest resident:

Madi - Madame Butterfly z Krainy Zeusa

Madi stay with us as part of our breeding cooperation with Kennel Kraina Zeusa. Madi is a daughter of OPUS TO MARGARITA NIGRA iz Bolshogo Doma and GRZECHU Warta Duch Wrzosowisk. She is one of 11 fantastic puppies from Kraina Zeusa’s M-litter. Her siblings live round the world and are very successful.

Many thanks to Ola and Artur for this wonderful birthday gift, for the cooperation, friendship and trust.




19. oktober 2013:


Henrik, Jamba and I have been on autumn holidays in Poland.

We love to be there and enjoy to spend time with family and friends! We had the most amazing autumn weather - golden autumn as it's best in Poland. Warm days with the most wonderful colors and cold evenings where you can light up the fireplace and enjoy yourself indoors.

All dogs love to travel with us and Jamba is no exception: when we come to ours summerhouse she runs inside and looking up at the ceiling beam. Why? Well, because  the cat usually sleeps there!





19. august 2013:


Monday 19th August 2013, at 17:15 our beloved Chopin (Chort Astrum Felix) walked over the rainbow bridge. After 4 days of illness, we lost him to cancer.

He became 5 ½ years.

He passed peacefully away at home in my arms. He was surrounded by his family and the other dogs. He was not afraid.

He left a enormous hole in our lives. The grief is unbearable - it hurts so much!

Chopin was my dog. My great love, pride and joy. My sunshine. He was a big, handsome male with the most amazing well shaped bernese head and the most wonderful mind. Always happy and loving. He found great pleasure in working with me and in the dog training.

Even though we only had him in such a short time, we are enormously thankful that this wonderful creature has enriched our lives - many thanks to Agnieszka og Jarek for him. We cherish every moment!

Goodbye our beloved and wonderful dog.



8. juny 2013:


Our beautiful and lovely dogs:




6. july 2013:


Today is Luna's 1th birthday!  Congratulations to Luna!!



20. may 2013:


Kennel Champalays is proud to present our newest resident:
ABBRACCIA LA LUNA from Aberash!!!
(HCH Sennenland's Chance to Win og Multi CH Appetitanya Bossa z Krainy Zeusa)

Welcome Luna!!!




24. april 2013:


Today is Jamba's 4th birthday!  Congratulations to Jamba!!



12. april 2013:


Today is Dudek's 1th birthday!  Congratulations to Dudek!!




6. april 2013:


Lise and Dudek participate in obedience training at DcH Kaløvig every Saturday morning. Chopin and I participate in obedience training also at DcH Kaløvig every Thursday. Lise and Dudek are really good together and they learn really fast. Lise is a talented dog handler and Dudek are willing to learn.



Chopin is so easy to work with because, he finds big joy in working with me. In 14 days we will participate in an obedience competition - we are looking forward to it.


We have also started at dog swimming again. Today was Chopin and Genia. It is Genias second time. She is so good at swimming that she soon can swim without a life jacket. Chopin has tried to swim, but it's so long ago that he must refresh his skills.




They are so lovely tired when we come home. Next week is Dudeks tour - we will see how it does.


28. march 2013:

28. february 2013:

Today is Chopin's 5th birthday!  Congratulations to Chopin!!


14. february 2013:

2. february 2013:

Today Lise (our daughter) participated in Dudek's obedience training. Lise is a highly skilled dog handler, both for dog shows and for obedience training and Dudek is a very talented dog.




Dudek was very tired after obedience training, so it was only Chopin, Jamba and Genia, who was out for a run on the field.




27. january 2013:


So the January almost over and the time flies. The puppies have grown and are not longer puppies but junior.

Anne is started to obedience training with Dudek. It goes really well. Dudek is really good compared to his age (9 months). We practice heelwork - which is not exactly easy, on sit, stand and down which is easy except the part of staying in position until you get free, come which is really fun and to go over the dangerous jumpboard. We enjoy ourselves and afterwards Dudek is delightful tired.

Chopin and Anne still participant in obedience training and they are preparing toward for the next test.

Genia and Jamba are enjoying themselves at home. They will start for show training as soon as it becomes a bit warmer.

Here are some pictures of all four, taken at today’s grooming.





31. december 2012:


Kennel Champalays wish You all a Happy New Year 2013!



30. december 2012:


All dogs thriving. Chopin have Christmas break from obedience training. Jamba have foolish fancies. Dudek and Genia grows, plays and thriving. Dudek weighs 38.5 kg and Genia 37 kg! They having fun in the snow when there is something else they live in the couch.




24. december 2012:



2. december 2012:


Jamba has drop most of her fur, so now we are waiting for her to come in the heat. The male dog is found. It is a very beautiful dog with a great temperament and pedigree. It will be a very exciting combination! More info about the male dog when pregnancy is detected.





28. october 2012:


My wonderful Chopin and I passed the obedience test and advanced to the next class. Chopin is talented and takes pleasure in work with me! I am so proud of him!


Instruction before an exercise
Chopin chew in his aport dummy - not so good, but he's enjoying himself.
Good boy - Chopin!
Chopin in an almost perfect heelwork.


27. october 20012:


It is long time ago that the website has been updated, sometimes it happens, time is running and you are busy with family, work and dogs.


Puppies are thriving; they grow and develop truly promising. Dudek weighs 30 kg and is 58 cm high. Genia weighs 29 kg and is 54 cm high. They are so beautiful and lovely both of them.



We just got home from autumn holiday in Poland, where we were lucky enough to experience a real Polish golden autumn, with clear blue sky, sunshine and temperatures between 17 ˚ and 20 ˚ a day. We had Jamba and Dudek with and we enjoyed the days in the summer house.


Jamba and Dudek visited Kennel Kraina Zeusa. Artur came and got them and it was a grand reunion. Both Jamba and Dudek could recognize him.


Next day they returned and we got a visit from Olga, Artur and children. It was really nice - as usual. Now we are looking forward to see them Få flere diskussionsresultater



Kennel Champalays wish all a happy halloween!




9. september 2012:


In Kennel Champalays all the dogs are doing fine. Dudek now weighs 22.5 kg and measures 51 cm. He is almost 5 months. Genia is 3.5 months.

weighs 17 kg and measures 43 cm. Both developing very promising. They are robust and has well-shaped heads. Genia is full of spirit, while Dudek is the greatest cuddle monkey

It goes really well with dog training. Dudek, Genia and Chopin goes to obedience training, while Dudek, Genia and Jamba goes to show training. The puppies begin to understand what training is about and what we require of them.We have been visiting the club exhibition in Bøsøre with the puppies. We had a really nice day and met many of our friends and made ​​many new dog friends.



Today the puppies had their weekly bath. Puppies can truly get dirty! But they are also in the garden most of the day. They play, digs and enjoy themselves, while Jamba and Chopin watch really well on them.


Dudek ie. Dr. Dolittle z Krainy Zeusa (Keep in Touch della Torre d'Ovarda x Hallo Dolly Duch Wrzosowisk)



Genia ie. Gueniss Szczęśliwy Słoń

(Henri van't Stokerybos x Herta van't Stokerybos)



16. august 2012:


Puppies grow and become large. Dudek now weighs 17.5 kg and has gain 4 kg in 2 ½ weeks. Genia weighs 10 kg and has almost doubled his weight in 2 ½ weeks. They thrive, playing and having fun.


We are started at show training at DKK in Koed and obedience in Feldballe. Genia is always very hungry and is therefore easy to train. She found out that she gets treats when she is in contact with us and do as we say. Dudek enjoy himself very much and is very busy looking at everyone else and on everything that is happening around him, but he is also clever.


Chopin and Anna started to obedience at DCH Kaløvig after the summer vacation. Chopin's just so super cool, he's just good at all the exercises.


Jamba enjoy herself most at home with the puppies, Chopin and us.



8. august 2012:


It goes really well with the puppies, both Genia and Dudek have adapt very well to their new home. Chopin and Jamba watch really well at them and “scold” when the play gets too wild.


We have been at the beach where Genia and Dudek for the first time saw the sea and the beach. It was a really good experience. Dudek ran for full speed down to the water, but when he saw the waves coming towards him, he ran back and hid between Anna's legs.


The puppies have been on the weight both Genia and Dudek gain 1 ½ kg in a week! So they will become big teddy bears when they grow up. They give much joy for us and for Jamba and Chopin. They are a true blessing.


1. august 2012:


Beskrivelse: C:\Users\andreassen\Documents\champalays\images\forside_billeder\guiness_szczesliwy_slon.jpg


Beskrivelse: C:\Users\andreassen\Documents\champalays\images\forside_billeder\dr_dollitle_z_krainy_zeusa.jpg


24. april 2012:


Today is Jambalayla Wow z Krainy Zeusa  vel Jamba 3th birthday. Congratulation to Jamba!


Beskrivelse: C:\Users\andreassen\Documents\champalays\images\forside_billeder\jamba_3th_birthday1.jpg


Beskrivelse: C:\Users\andreassen\Documents\champalays\images\forside_billeder\jamba_3th_birthday2.jpg


Beskrivelse: C:\Users\andreassen\Documents\champalays\images\forside_billeder\jamba_3th_birthday3.jpg


Beskrivelse: C:\Users\andreassen\Documents\champalays\images\forside_billeder\jamba_3th_birthday4.jpg



6. april 2012:


While we wait for the stork, we enjoy life in the whelping box.


Beskrivelse: C:\Users\andreassen\Documents\champalays\images\forside_billeder\jamba_lise_in_whelping_box.gif


2. april 2012:


Beskrivelse: C:\Users\andreassen\Documents\champalays\images\forside_billeder\Kennel_Champalays_puppies_marts_2012.gif


29. february 2012:


Today is Chort Astrum Felix vel Chopins 4th birthday. Congratulation to Chopin!


Beskrivelse: C:\Users\andreassen\Documents\champalays\images\forside_billeder\chopin_4th_birthday1.gif


Beskrivelse: C:\Users\andreassen\Documents\champalays\images\forside_billeder\chopin_4th_birthday2.gif


Beskrivelse: C:\Users\andreassen\Documents\champalays\images\forside_billeder\chopin_4th_birthday3.gif


Beskrivelse: C:\Users\andreassen\Documents\champalays\images\forside_billeder\jamba_sleeping.gif


5. february 2012:


Jambalayla Wow z Krainy Zeusa have met DK CH Sund Brusgaard Louis.


See the presentation by clicking on the image.


29. januay 2012:


First snow this winter in Djursland.

Beskrivelse: C:\Users\andreassen\Documents\champalays\images\forside_billeder\chopin_jan_2012.JPG

Beskrivelse: C:\Users\andreassen\Documents\champalays\images\forside_billeder\jamba_jan_2012.JPG
Jamba & Henrik

1. januay 2012:


Kennel Champalays wish all a happy new year 2012.

Beskrivelse: C:\Users\andreassen\Documents\champalays\images\forside_billeder\happynewyearchampagne.gif


18. december 2011:

Beskrivelse: C:\Users\andreassen\Documents\champalays\images\forside_billeder\Advent4.gif 


11. december 2011:

Beskrivelse: C:\Users\andreassen\Documents\champalays\images\forside_billeder\Advent3.gif 


4. december 2011:

Beskrivelse: C:\Users\andreassen\Documents\champalays\images\forside_billeder\Advent2.gif 


30. november 2011:


Jamba is approved for breed by the Danish Bernese Mountain Dog Club and the Danish Kennel Club.


Beskrivelse: C:\Users\andreassen\Documents\champalays\images\forside_billeder\jamba_avlsgod.jpg

(Click on the certificate.)



27. november 2011:


Beskrivelse: C:\Users\andreassen\Documents\champalays\images\forside_billeder\Advent1.gif


19. november 2011:


Dog Show in Strib - Jamba got an Excellent and Chopin got a Very Good!


 Beskrivelse: C:\Users\andreassen\Documents\champalays\images\forside_billeder\Strib_jamba_nov2011.jpg

Beskrivelse: C:\Users\andreassen\Documents\champalays\images\forside_billeder\Strib_chop_nov2011.jpg

Lise  showed Chopin and Jamba. Congratulation to all 3!


9. november 2011:


Jambalayla Wow z Krainy Zeusa is at the age of 2 ½ years HD, AD and OCD photographed by veterinarian Peter Weis. Today we received the results: Beskrivelse: C:\Users\andreassen\Documents\champalays\images\gif\congrats_laydybug.gif

HD A/B, ED 0/0 and OCD Free !!


Congratulations to Jamba!


29. october 2011:


Kennel Champalays wish you all a Happy Halloween.

Beskrivelse: C:\Users\andreassen\Documents\champalays\images\gif\berner_halloween.gif


22. october 2011:


Grenaa, a sunny day in October.


Beskrivelse: Chopin, Anne & Jamba

Beskrivelse: Jamba


15. october 2011:


A walk on the beach in Boeslum on a lovely autumn day.


Beskrivelse: Chopin, Anne & Jamba

Beskrivelse: Jamba


18. september 2011:


Dog Show in Bjerringbro - 2 x EXCELLENTE:

Beskrivelse: Chopin & Lise  

Beskrivelse: Jamba & Henrik


Jamba got a Excellent in Open class and Chopin got a Excellent in Open class! It was the first time Lise showed Chopin. Congratulation to all 3!